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re: Sue's post on Soft Rider Saddles

I agree with the others.  Sue is looking for opinions from people who use the
saddle.  I, too, am interested in receiving info on these saddles.  I ride a
TWH stallion and am always looking for something comfortable for him.  I have
been lucky so far as to find saddles that are reasonably priced and that fit
him.  However, if this saddle is made for endurance, I might consider one for
my gaited horses.  Of all the questions she asked opinions for, I don't
remember if she included a price range.  What is the price range on them?  I
guess that question could be posted toward Rebecca and Underwood Enterprises.

Rebecca,  do you have a web site?  Being that I'm new to this sport, I'm
trying to find out as much as possible on the net.

Truman, you're on a TWH right?  What kind of saddle do you recommend for a
gaited horse?

Leslie & Wally (turning 5 next week.  50's here we come)  :-)

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