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Re: Heartrate Threshold

In a message dated 98-05-18 00:34:53 EDT, writes:

<< Biological theory based on scientific observation states that the smaller
 the animal the higher the heart rate and the larger the animal the slower
 the heart rate.  In adult humans, the more conditioned athletes have pulses
 in the 40s routinely due to the more efficient heart muscle pump mechanism.
  Human Fetuses have a normal range between 120 and 160 and the decreases to
 just over 100 after birth and slowly decreases until adulthood.  Some
 medical conditions can make the rate be less than the normal adult rate of
 60 to 100.  But the overall picture needs to be looked at whether human or
 horse is being evaluated.  I doubt that an electronic monitor could get any
 kind of accurate rate over 200 and defiitely not very accurately by
 palpation or even with a stethoscope.  that is experience speaking, mostly
 with humans.  Mary Ann, Tx
The lowest equine heartrate was, according to Matthew Mackay-Smith was 19 in a
champion endurance horse.


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