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Re: Heartrate Threshold

In a message dated 98-05-14 11:31:48 EDT, writes:

<< A friend of mine told me that her horses' HRmax. is about 180, and started
 make sorrows about it. sounds realistic because this horse is not capable to
 any real fast work, like stong gallop. But ridden in a constant trot, he is
 susscessfull in endurance and has won some rides in up to 9 mph avg. speed
 here, with remarkable low pulse rates in vetchecks.
 If HR (LA4) of a fit horse is about 85-90% of HRmax., his anaerobic threshold
 should be around 155, where some ohers can go with 200 without any signs of
 fatigue. So the numbers depending on the special horse.
 BTW, Tom, did you noticed some correlation between HRmax. and max. Speed ? In
 other words, are the horses with HRmax. ~240 faster than these with 220
HRmax. ?
 or more perserving ? >>

I've never seen a 240 HR in any horse. But I have had some that peak out at
190--and these horses can be fast, but they cannot sustain their speed for
more than about 50 seconds. In general, the ability to develop a high RPM is
good in the athletic horse--but when you get up around 240 you're on the
ragged edge of fibrillation and there may not be enough time between beats for
ventricular refilling.


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