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Re: Re: horse fell off mountain in CA?

There was a horse and rider that was recently rescued by helicopter.  Actually
I think there were at least 2 incidences within a two week period.  It seems
the incidences occurred in part due to the El Nino rains.... and perhaps some
poor luck or judgement.  One horse was rescued off an "island" - because it
would not cross back over a fast flowing stream and the other was rescued from
mud/quick sand situation in which its rider steered them into.

I think the taxpayers paid for the rescues.

These two events happened right here in southern California -- Los Angeles
area... not in the mountains though... and one rider involved is an endurance

Remember to pay attention to where you are riding, especially after inclement
weather.  You do not want to be on the evening news - especially if it costs
us taxpayer's money.  Better to be on the news for saving taxpayer's money.


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