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Re: RV Licence Plates

Sounds like a bunch of 'interpretation' problems, but need to know to play
that game.  Used to live on sailboat near Seattle back in 70s. There were
new laws that pertained to the bathroom or 'head' in Navy jargon.  You
could no longer have a thru the hull fitting and be legal in port.  So
boats had to convert and etc.  However, a cedar bucket was legal!  Guess
what people did?  Now for us campers with horses......Do the facilities
have to be built in or...does an good camp stove and generic portapottie
susfice?  We ain't all rich!  But if there is someone out there that just
needs to give me a motor home, who could argue.....But alas, no sugar
daddies left, so we shall make do with what we have.  Mary Ann, Tx

From: Teddy Lancaster <>
To: Barbara <>
Subject: Re: RV Licence Plates
Date: Monday, May 11, 1998 11:19 AM

RV tag status varies from state to state.  I believe you must have as a
of your vehicle at least a refrigerator, running water and a potty. In my
state you
just have to sign a pice of paper stating you have these.  But I would not
oding it unless you have them.  You can get seriously fined if found out.


Barbara wrote:

> Teddy, on Date: Sun, 10 May 1998 15:31:58 -0400 you wrote:
> >>>>FMCSR  requires you to stop and to carry a log book if your gross
> (combined/loaded or unloaded) is over 10,000 lbs. PERIOD!!!!  The only
> around it is RV plates on both vehicles.<<<<<
>         Thanks for clarification re: "Farm Plates".
>         Are "R.V" license plates an option for all states?  (I know, I'll
find out
> when I get your book)  Are they an option for my "plain jane" rig -- F250
> Stock Trailer (in which I carry all camping gear and which entire rig is
> used solely in pursuit of my "recreation"???
> Please ake this private if you think it should be, but I think others
> be interested(??)
> Thanks
> Barbara

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