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Re: I-77/Ride /camp

In our state they do not register by weight...I have the following choices:
Commercial, Non-commercial (up to one ton trucks only), Farm or Apportioned.  As
long as my entire rig does not go over the "rating" by the manufacturer (30,000
lbs.) I am okay. BUT, your DOT guy was wrong about the log books...I wouldn't
agrue with him, though.  If he says okay, you are getting away with a nuisance.


Lori Hayward wrote:

> For anyone going -- I have spoken with the NC DOT Enforcement division about
> requirements for non-commercial trucks and trailers hauling horses.   Trucks
> pulling horse trailers must stop at the weigh station and go across scales
> in NC.  According to the officer Trucks and trailers hauling horses in NC
> (private use) must have the power unit registered for the total amount of
> weight of the truck, trailer and contents of both(including you since you
> will be sitting in the truck on the scales).  You will be fined if you are
> over the GW stated on your registration(didn't ask how much).  According to
> the officer that is the only requirement.  No log book or permits or any
> other paper work is required.
> Got to go to DMV at lunch and change my registration -- it's a little on the
> light side!
> Lori Hayward
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> From: Barbara <>
> To: <>
> Cc: <>
> Date: Saturday, May 09, 1998 9:21 PM
> Subject: Re: I-77/Ride /camp
> >At 03:09 PM 5/9/1998 -0700, you wrote:
> >>Hi Barbara:
> >>
> >>Are you talking about horse trailers must pull into NC weigh stations?
> >
> > I have a Ford F250 with extended cab and a Supreme goose neck stock
> >trailer (18' plus goose) -- licensed for 14,000 pounds and they chased!
> >>
> >>I have never heard of that yet.
> >
> > Neither had we and we LIVE in NC!!!  That's why I warned folks to check
> >their paperwork and plan to pay a visit to the nice DMV officers -- better
> >do the same with the one on I-26 just east of Exit 9.
> >
> > We'll be checking the rules out when we get home, but that won't be until
> >after Biltmore, hence my post!
> >
> >Barbara
> >
> >

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