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Re: Weigh Stations & Horse Trailers

You misread what I have said.  I drive through, not past, all weigh stations for
just that reason.  They just randomly decide that they want to see log books,
etc, when my rig weighs more than 10,000 lbs.  Doesn't matter what the tags are.
I point it out to them and they say I should have a log book anyway.

It is not just ME that should start some legislation towards helping us. I takes
a BIG group to put pressure on...such as the Americna Horse Council.  ALL of us
should write to them. It will affect us all sooner or later.


Cyberpony wrote:

> In a message dated 98-05-11 02:58:11 EDT, you write:
> > RV tags are on my trailer, too.
> Teddy~
> When you look at it from the side of the enforcers . . . .  They see your big
> rig fly by without stopping and they think they have a wrong to make right.
> They can't clearly see your tags at 60+ mph . . .  so off they go.  I can see
> where they are coming from.
> If I were driving your rig (and have already experienced problems in this
> area) I'd probably stop and show them what they need to see.  It might save
> you time in the long run.
> Maybe, in the mean time, you could work toward some sort of legislation that
> would make vehicles like yours more readily identifiable as non-commercial.
> Then you could zip past the weigh stations without causing a ruckus.
> Just a thought.
> ~Nora & Tucker
> Ocoee, FL

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