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Re: NATRC/endurance


Sorry you've been haveing such an unpleasent time of it in NATRC.  I
haven't gotten to ride NATRC or any other competitions for a few years, but
hope to get back into it next year with my new, young horse. I've ridden
NATRC in Reg. 5 also, and marveled at some of the judging <g>.  Like when
one of the competitors' lead came loose from her horses' halter not once
but twice during the presentation at the end of the ride, and she became
the horsemanship winner! But I guess she always had two hands on the lead.
However, having said that, I learned so much from NATRC, it helped my
scores in the CTRs in the AHAO rides to the point that my horse and I did a
LOT of winning.  But they all turn their noses up at NATRC so I didn't dare
mention that I learned most of my tactics from NATRC. BTW I hardly ever
placed in NATRC, all the places went to the same riders, ride after ride.
But then perhaps they did earn it.  However I do enjoy the pace,(actually
get to see the scenery, and it is magnificant in Reg. 5) and the people and
the theory of NATRC and now that I have a Paint without a drop of Arab
blood, I'm sure it'll be NATRC for us.  I'm looking forward to it.

<<I have all but dropped out of the CTR email list..>>
Sorry about this one too.  Differing opinions is what makes us American,
and an improving country.  Don't give it up.
BTW, I'd like the CTR address, as I'm more interested in it than endurance.


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