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Feedback on saddle fit

          You campers are great!  I posted asking for feedback on a Crosby
saddle about 3 hours ago and have received about 8 or 10 replies already.  To
make a long saddle search story short (say that 5 times without stumbling!) my
instincts and the campers pretty much agree that for this gal, the Marciante
is probably going to be the best buy. I know the Marciante only comes in 15"
seats.........this has me worried. Are there any Heavy Weight female campers
out there who are over 5'8" riding in the Marciante???? I'm worried that the
seat will be too small for me, causing me back pain.  I already have plenty of
saddles that can do that.  Please respond privately......I promise not to
publish your weight!
     Also, my mare is kind of a wide horse, Appaloosa breed. Sure do wish I
could see and ride in one of these saddles first.  Makes it really hard to buy
when you can't see or try out the product first. Appys seem to have a broader
back than arabs....anyone see any problem with a Marciante fitting a broader
back? She has nice withers, but not real real real big withers. 
Thank you, and 'appy trails!!

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