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Need Feedback: Crosby Saddle

Hi Ridecampers!
      I'm still looking for my perfect saddle. Currently I'm riding in
Arabian-style western and hate the horn and the stiff fenders that won't
"give" when I need them to. I found a used Crosby endurance saddle with a 17"
seat for $500.  I am a big girl, so probably need the bigger seat...<g> It was
advertised as a "marathon" saddle.The owner has agreed to let me "borrow" it
and see what I think.  It's English and I am not used to English!  But if I
like it, is the asking price of $500 a good price??? Do any of you use Crosby
saddles?? Got any advice for me? I ride limited distance only.....but might
move up, if I could get comfy! 
     I have tried to ride English saddles only a couple of it
worth the transition?  Thank you very much for any light you can shed on this
mysterious subject.
'Appy Trails,

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