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slant load trailers

I don't remember where I read it, but there was a study about 10 years ago
regarding hauling your horse (one of the many horse mags I get).  Slant load
came in second out of 3 preferences.  Straight load was last.  It appears
horses that are slant loaded have better balance.   They are able to move
around and place legs accordingly.  Straight load can only balance forward and
back and have less room to spread legs.  Guess which style came in
first...loading the horse to travel backwards.  They said less stress on the
horse.  Don't know how, but that is what they said.

I prefer using my 4 horse slant whenever possible.  Wally loads better in this
trailer.  He hates seeing me hooking up to the 2 horse straight.  That's the
only time I have a problem catching and loading him.  I guess it is all a
matter of preference.

Leslie & Wally (Run!!!  She's got the 2 horse)

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