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Re: Computer Picture Help

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From: Kim 

>Thanks to all who responded.  It appears that I need to upgrade programs if
>I'm going to view some of these things.  According to some of you, you can
>just click on Greg's pictures and see them.  Guess I'm a dinosaur.  I'll see
>if I can get some comuter-types to help get me into the "next generation".

Eeeecckkkk!  I gotta stick with my dinosaur (UNIX), and can't "upgrade"!
Please, for the sake of those with non-MIME compliant software and 
connections as slow as the snails eating algae in our horses' water tanks,
just give us links to your pictures on a web site.  My system, my husband 
(Ridecamp is takin' forever to load again... are you *sure* you really have 
subscribe to this list???), and of course, yours truely, would appreciate it!  All I get on this end is a bunch of ASCII mumbo-jumbo...

Thank you much in advance!

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