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RE: Rider Wear


Well since I was named I guess I must de-lurk for one note.  There is such a
person as C. Mike Tomlinson and, in fact, I do wear SaddleBums when I ride.
Please see the cover of the December issue of Endurance News, where it is
tough to see, but those are SaddleBums.  Also, the US Endurance Team does wear
SaddleBums in the championships.

There are several styles of SaddleBums, from very light to winter wear.  I
wear them because they are very cool in the hot summer desert rides and going
through the mesquite and trimmed bushes they do not tear.  When I have met an
immovable very sharp object, they did rip but they did not run like most I
have tried in the past.

When I ride in most any saddle they seem to have the right amount of grip.
They are shiny but they seem to have a weave that is not slippery on leather.
When I ride bareback, though, it is just like you sprayed silicone on a Teflon
pan.  It must have something to do with the design of the fabric.

I have absolutely nothing to do with the company that makes SaddleBums, but I
do believe in getting the word out on a very good product.


C. Mike Tomlinson

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From: (Cynthia Eyler)
I'm interested in a cooler tight to wear in our hot, very humid summers.

Has anyone used the Ultimate Rider's Tight sold by Back in the Saddle?
They say it's made of Cordura and Lycra, is very cool and nearly
indestructible.  The catalog includes an endorsement from "C. Mike
Tomlinson, U.S. Endurance Team Coach."

Would a body encased in such fabric tend to slide around on a non-suede

Cindy Eyler & Jack
Baltimore MD

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