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Re: ?Cowboy Brand Trailers?

I have seen Circle J, Trails West and Logan trailers for sale here in
Texas. Ended up buying a Circle C trailer made in Livingston, TX. I love
my trailer - it is a 24' slant load 4-horse GN with living quarters and
a door from LQ to horse compartment. They dropped the nose 4" for me and
I can sit up in bed without touching the ceiling. The horses all have
drop-down windows with drop-down bars behind the window - I don't like
my horses to hang their heads out the window while traveling down the
road. I chose to have removable plexiglass panels on the off side. I
have a stud divider for the front stall because I use this as storage
space - this way my hay stays dry and doesn't have a chance to slide
under the horses. I also have a camper door on the LQ and a picture
window on opposite wall. I ordered my trailer to get what I wanted and
the paint matches my truck. All this for $7500 at the manufacturing
plant. Sorry - just had to brag (being from TX and all!!!)

Linda Parrish - Colonial White F350 dually & matching trailer
Kennard, TX

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