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Trail food for the horse

Hey all!  

Well my first 50 has got me thinking again (yeah I know I can smell the
smoke too:}  I was wondering if any of you used the electrolyte cookie mix
without the electrolytes and add some dried chopped alfalfa to them for
feeding on the trail?  I thought that if I take a 1 lb bag of these in my
pack and feed them to Blue at every water check that he wouldn't get as
hungry as he does eating only at vc's.  My theory is more small meals as we
go and eating at vc may keep his energy level more consistant. I would add
dry chopped alfalfa to the cookie recipe so there would be more roughage
then grains in the cookie.  

I also wonder if I put my carbo loader in a cookie instead of giving it to
him in a syringe would the heat from baking it effect the efficiency of the
loader?  Any ideas group???/

                                 Cheryl Newbanks 
                ~~ ^ ^       Just In Time Ranch
~~~\   _  ~~/ /\ /       Buckeye, AZ
       ( )__     ) ' '
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