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Cold water on large muscles - NOT!!!

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From: Cheryl Conklin 


Three years ago, I finished the Fireworks 50 with an Endurance newbie (you're seasoned now, Bill!) who had a non-equestrian crew.  They proceeded to cool that horse off 'real good' by dumping buckets of ice water on it.  I believe the temperature was around 80F. Within minutes, the horse was so tied up that they had to bring the vet to him rather than trying to get the horse to the vet.  (Believe me, I was already back at my trailer or I would have intervened.)

The vet gave the rider the option of drugs and a pull or what promised to a very painful several hours for the horse.  Fortunately, the rider chose the latter.

Maybe the cold water works if it's applied either in small doses, i.e. sponges, or if you're continuing, but I've seen it devastate a horse firsthand.


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