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Re: corrals and horses

>In a message dated 98-05-04 14:26:50 EDT, writes:
><<  I just want more of you to know
> that more and more disasters are being reported
> with the use of electric corrals. >>
>Have likewise seen a loose horse wipe out several electric fence campsites and
>"liberate" others with disasterous results here.  Pipe corrals are better, but
>I still don't feel safe without my horse tied safely when I am not around.

It is not the number but the percentage at needs to be addressed.  If there
is one incident for every 1000 horse-nights (one horse for one night)
associated with an electric corral and there are 100,000 horse-nights in a
season then there will be a lot of incidents.

If there are 2 incidents per 1000 horse-nights for pipe correls per and
10,000 horse nights in a season for for pipe corrals then ther would only
be 50 indicdents.  Does that mean pipe correls are safer?

The statistics reported of incidents are incomplete and the conclusions -
while sensational - are incomplete.

The other issue is horses have to be trained to stay in electric corrals
and these corrals should be where it is not easy for a loose horse to run
through them - like very close to your trailer. I have heard people state
that their horse didn't stay in an electric corral while they were putting
up their electric corral only to have the horse get out.  If you horse is
not trianed for an electric corral then train him at home - don't train him
at a ride.

I am not sure any method is more or less safe.  I have seen pipe corrals
trashed.  I have seen a serious injury of  a tied horse.  What is needed is
an understanding of the probability of an incident not the raw number of


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