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Fractured Patella

I went out to the pasture last week to find that my best filly and
future endurance horse (aren't they always the ones to try to kill
themselves) was unable/unwilling to move.  I had the vet out to x-ray
her left hind leg and we found that she had three horizontal fractures
in her patella. My vet prescribed Adequan injections once a week for
four weeks and stall confinement for six months.  She tells me that she
will be useable as a broodmare and cannot comment on whether or not she
will have arthritis or if she will ever move freely again.

I was wondering if anyone else has had experience with this type of
injury and what the treatment and resulting outcome were.  I am
especially interested in knowing how large the resulting calcification
was and if the horse ever moved properly again.  I'd appreciate any
feedback.  Thanks.


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