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Home needed

Now thta I have this straight, this is just a note to update the situation
with our 7 year old straight Egyptian mare who has now been repossessed. she
is 15 hands, deep chestnut, with an exotic head, excellent conormational
balance, big butt, and really SUPER nice legs! While she was not worked for
the past several years while we were waiting to be paid, she was certainly
well fed, and is in good felsh. She needs conditioning and although well
started under saddle when we sold her, would not be prepared for a novice
rider just yet. She is so very sweet and good natured, it is really important
that she go to a home where she can hug and stuff. She just can't seem to get
close enough to me. I don't think she had much contact for a while. But she is
lunging, clipping, bathing saddling, everything beautifully. Stands tied,
trailers beautifully. We have her at $5000 but would be just as happy to sell
her for about a third off to the right home, since this will also cut our
taxes on her. She is VERY well bred and well built. Xlnt shoulder, etc. Her
little sister is also for sale - only 2, but a dream to handle. 

Please email privately or if you are in the L.A. area, call us at Deep Sands.

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