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Re: Lippizans and Dressage Horses

>jump over a 2 oz field mouse yesterday! I will just be happy when we "plan"
>those jumps! I would be interested to hear from anyone who has ridden
>Trakehners, Lippizans or any of the warmblood crosses.
>Joane and Herd
I have an 8 year old 1/2 Arab, 1/2 Trakehner mare.  She's still just green
but coming along nicely.  She's bigger boned and heavier than an Arab with
nice refinement in the head and neck.  She also has alot of power and a 
competitive attitude.  Doesn't spook at all the inanimate objects like stop
and wierd rocks like another 1/2 Arab 1/2 Quarter horse I had did.  Also
doesn't seem to do the fast little sideways jump that leaves one hanging
off the
side of the saddle.  When she does spook though, it can be pretty dramatic.
Usually involves some sort of air borne maneuver.  Bet she'd be a good
horse.  Can pick her way through rocks at a trot like a ballerina.  Still
on mellowing out on the trail and in strange surroundings.  May be another
year before we attempt our first 25 miler.  I'd like the challenge to be the
actual ride, not the trailering, vetting, camping etc.

Pamela Bertin
Crestone, CO

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