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Fw: [Fwd: Grand Staircase National Monument]

It is of most importance that as many riders take the opportunity to comment
if there is to be any hope at all of keeping The Outlaw Trail Historical
Endurance Ride in existence.

Here is some good advice from the Tevis folks ( Antonio Rossmon) on
providing input to the GSENM Draft plan.  Several points to consider here
1 - Beginning in 1992 The BLM limited the number of Outlaw Trail riders to
2 - There has never been a cumulative impact problem since most of the route
is not used by other recreationists or it is motorized or when it rains the
tracks are erased and flooded out or it is across solid rock.
3 - The draft plan does not provide for the continuance of The Outlaw Trail
Historical Endurance Ride as the route is limited to 12 participants in all
Action Alternatives (B-E).
4 - It seems that no where in the draft plan are the continuance of existing
or prospective Heritage Industries discussed.  Heritage Industries was a
focus of local communities and business people during the scoping phase.

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From: Antonio Rossmann <>
To: Larry Suddjian <>; Nat & Richard
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Date: Tuesday, December 29, 1998 12:04 PM
Subject: Re: [Fwd: Grand Staircase National Monument]

>This issue should be easier than Granite Chief, because the national
monument was created by the President, not Congress; and thus the executive
branch can define appropriate land use without running afoul of asserted
statutory restrictions. If folks want to defend the continuation of the
Outlaw Trail Historical Endurance Run, they should be prepared to show
ideally that it has been conducted without impact at a certain level of
participants and that it should be allowed for that reason so to continue at
that level. There might be, indeed should be, a problem if proponents want
to conduct the ride more frequently than once a season and assert that they
can bring as many as they want each time. Continuation of the existing event
at the existing level of activity is the essence of the argument we made,
and the decision given us, at Granite Chief. Proponents of the ride should
question BLM on why there is not an action alternative that allows for the
ride; it might make sense for one of the action alternatives to be so
"pristine" as to forbid it, but all of the action alternatives should not.
But at the same time, ride proponents will lose political support in the
environmental community and within the Government if they turn their
position into a Wise Use diatribe against reasonable regulation of public
lands. You may pass this on for what it's worth; that about sums up my
advice on the information presented. Tony
>At 08:30 PM 12/28/98 -0800, Larry Suddjian wrote:
>Richard ~
>    We need to participate in the responses. What is happening is VERY
similar to the GRANITE CHIEF issue we faced in the '80's. Our letters are
needed as Congress DOES listen. Maybe Tony Rossmann can help. We are
involved with the outcome of Robinson Flat and the wheels of progress do
move slowly when the government alone is involved.
>    Larry Suddjian
>    Nat & Richard wrote: FYI, the attached. BLM and the other Fed
management agencies all seem to take this approach of proposing a "no
action" vs several other more or less repugnant alternatives, as though "no
action" is somehow less than desirable. Whatever happened with the Robinson
Flat plan? Same deal, eh? /richard -- Natalie's Barn & Breakfast -- a B&B
for Horses ...and their Riders
530-637-4644 or Toll Free: 1-877-NATBARN
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>        Subject: Grand Staircase National Monument
>        Resent-Date: Sun, 27 Dec 1998 09:50:23 -0800 (PST)
>        Resent-From:
>        Date: Sun, 27 Dec 1998 10:36:33 -0700
>        From: "Outlaw Trail" <>
>        To: "Susan Foley" <>
>        CC: "ridecamp" <>, <>,
>        <>, <>The following information
is being provided to help those of you who are interested in preserving
horse activities within the new Grand Staircase Escalante National Monument
and the continuation of the Outlaw Trail Historical Endurance Ride. The
Bureau of Land Management (BLM) has published its Draft Management Plan for
comment on The Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument (GSENM). Comment
deadline is February 12,1999.Alternative A (No Action) is the only
Alternative that would allow the 21 year old Outlaw Trail Historical Ride to
continue. Alternatives B-E become more and more restrictive on use limiting
group size to 12. These Alternatives do away with the Outlaw Trail
Historical Ride. It appears comments cannot be sent through email. Comments
must be mailed to:Mr.. Pete Wilkins, Team LeaderGrand Staircase-Escalante
National Monument337 South Main Street, Suite 010Cedar City, Utah 84720
(435) 865-5100 Following is some information that could be used in
commenting: - The Outlaw Trail Historical Ride (OT) is a Heritage Industry
that was started in 1978.- A Heritage Industry is a business that simulates
the activities of historic, non motorized, nostalgic happenings that focus
on maintaining the agrarian setting and life style of the area. In the case
of the OT it is using horses to travel a considerable distance through an
area to a destination..........not in circles as most did
John Wesley Powell, Mormon Pioneers, The Indians, the rangers and of course
the Wild Bunch.- The Heritage Industry concept was supposed to be a focus of
the GSENM. Limiting group size of 12 does in most of the outfitter and guide
operations. The group size of 12 limit would make Heritage Industries only
available for the elite and rich in order to make it profitable as entries
would be very expensive.- The OT was created to bring an economic boost to
the communities of Teasdale, Boulder, Escalante, Tropic, Cannonville and
Johnson Canyon. In the earlier days the riders and crews coming to town was
a big event and a considerable economic boost. It still is a noted event but
over the years as the area's notoriety has increased many other recreational
activities have been developed.- For about the past six years there has been
a group size limit of 12 in the Escalante Canyon. The OT was still as
allowed there since by that time of the ride it was shown that groupsize ran
from one to five or six in a group.- Impact form the OT is minimal as
compared to campers and very large groups that do not need permits to ride
and camp Throughout the GSENM. i.e. the OT riders merely ride through the
country rather quickly (4-9 mph) enjoying the scenery and taking pictures.-
It is important that all riders comment on the draft plan even if it is just
one hand written sentence.- It would be good to comment on what the OT
experience was for you or the value of knowing the opportunity is available
for your future plans.- Bureau of Land Management administered land is just
that................It is land that is owned by you, the citizens of the US,
the BLM is supposed to be managing for you. You are the ranch
owner..........the BLM is your ranch manager. Many times and it appears to
be the case in the GSENM Draft Plan that the land managers are placing their
values and their concepts into the alternatives. This is a natural
sociological phenomenon as they view themselves as the professional who
knows what is best for you. That is why it is so import that you comment on
the draft plan for your "ranch"!- The GSENM Scoping meeting held in Santa Fe
was the largest attended meeting. The attendees general input was leave the
area as is, a "self discovery'" area. No signs, no development, no
interpretation.........just leave it as is so as not to draw escalated
attention and visitation that would erode the remote aura that was once
greatly embraced. Your effort in preserving this event and future equine
activities is greatly appreciated.

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