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Re: Proposed Mountain Quarry Trail

> << I would have to ask, what was wrong with mountain bikes on the trail?  I
>  was under the asssumption that we were capable of sharing trails with other
>  trail users.  Jerry >>
> Must admit, the same thought crossed my mind.  We get very upset when there is
> a move to exclude horses from certain trails, and I can sympathize with
> mountain bikers wishing to share trails rather than have them designated
> exclusively for equine use, too. 

I'm a share-the-trail advocate too, and over the past 12 years have
ridden with *many* mountain bikers. They drove Shatirr nuts, because he
wanted to gallop down hills to keep up with them!

"Dead" and "dismembered" bikes (tire changes) were the worst problem
I've had with any of my horses!! They sniff, snort and spin... "tree
carcasses" have this effect too. 

I share trails with mountain bikes in Henry Coe, Fort Ord, Rancho Del
Oso, Wilder Ranch, Steven's Canyon, Mid Pen OSP, and Pt Reyes... MANY
parks, and support trail access for them except in areas where steep
trails could cause serious problems with hikers, riders and trail
erosion. I've trained my horses to be used to bikes, including asking
folks on the trail to "squeak" their brakes to re accustom the horses to
that sometimes startling bike noise. 

In places like the SF Bay Area, there are more of them than there are of
us, so sticking together is mutually beneficial.

In all of these years, I've met only one jerk (Rancho Del Oso), and
startled Gavilan kicked at him as he zoomed by at top speed with no
warning!!! He had the nerve to stop and yell, and I laughed and promised
to aim better next time. 

Such is life, eh?!  Happy New Years, folks!!!

  Linda, Gavilan, Kadance, CamShaft and Shatirr in Gilroy, California

P.S. My first good deed for the year was joining Nature Conservancy and
giving them a generous donation... they've helped us acquire a LOT of
choice land in the Bay Area the past few years, including a 8k acre
chunk between Coyote Lake and Coe Park, and Gray Whale Ranch...

Check them out or join on-line at:

My second good deed is letting y'all know their web site so that maybe a
few other folks will join. I heard a rumor that they are trying to
secure most of the SF east bay foothills for green belt preservation...
haven't verified the rumor, but it sounds **wonderful**!!!

    Check it Out!    

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