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Nez Perce "Akhaloosas"

Here's an item of interest for those of you who were looking for a contact 
for more info on the Nez Perce breeding program crossing Akhal-Teke and 
Appaloosa horses.  A small convoy stopped for repairs today here in the 
middle of Nevada while hauling Apps to the the Rosebowl Parade in Pasadena 
CA.  I happened upon them as they were preparing to leave, so only had time 
for a brief chat with the second in command.  He said to talk to "Rudy", 
who was absent at the time.  He gave me this phone number and address:

(208) 843-7333
Nez Perce Tribe
PO Box 365
Lapwai, Nez Perce Nation, Idaho 83540

Happy Trails,  Nikki

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