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Re: Fw: Akhal-Teke horses

All you SERIOUS folks, when you look at this website, you will find Mr.
Pontecorvo's name and number, the same as in Lucy's message, listed under
Breeders in USA. He is one of two in this country.
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From: Tamara Putman <>
To: Ridecamp <>
Date: Tuesday, December 29, 1998 1:38 AM
Subject: RE: Fw: Akhal-Teke horses

>A better source for someone SERIOUS about acquiring an Akhal-Teke would be
>the breed association.  They will put a prospective buyer in touch with the
>correct over-seas contacts and will, for a fee of course, provide a
>recommendation on a local vet for the pre-purchase inspection and
>for the paper work.  The breed stock in America is very limited as to
>strain.  More lines would be available from some of the Turkmenistan or
>German breeders.  Try this site:  As has been
>repeated though, these little darlings are expensive.  And, if you are used
>to looking at "American" type Arabians and especially warmbloods, their
>confirmation could leave you disappointed.  They are very unique in their
>build.  I'd personally love to have one and am seriously thinking of
>importing a weanling when my current "child" is forced to retire.
>"... and God sought to bestow upon man a supreme mark of his blessing, God
>created the horse.  The horse could run faster than the deer, jump higher
>than the goat, and endure longer than the wolf.  Man, being encompassed by
>elements that sought to destroy him, would have been a slave, had the horse
>not made him king."
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>From: Jerry & Mary Fields []
>Sent: Monday, December 28, 1998 1:10 PM
>Subject: Fw: Fw: Akhal-Teke horses
>This is part of a message to me from my friend, Lucy Estabrook, whom I
>mentioned earlier as the lady who had visited the Akhal-Teke breeder in San
>Antonio. Hope it helps you guys.
>Mary Fields
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>From: Lucy Estabrook <>
>To: <>
>Date: Tuesday, December 29, 1998 1:01 AM
>Subject: Re: Fw: Akhal-Teke horses
>>The guy I visited is Tito Pontecorvo, in Nixon, 30-60 minutes SE of San
>>Antonio. His number is (830) 582-1061. Please ask that my name be used,
>>when contacting him. I spoke with him a few weeks ago. He splits his time
>>between here and Russia. Yes, he wants big bucks. He admits he is not
>>familiar with endurance, other than that they are wonderful for it. His
>>goal is jumping and especially dressage, though they were under 16 hands.
>>A friend's mare was electrocuted by her water de-icer. I've used one like
>>it for years, and it's floating in my tank as I write.

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