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RE: Horses and colds

Remember, as with any immune-booster type product, use it in cycles, 6 weeks
at a time and then leave off for about 2-3 weeks.  This gives the system a
chance to come out of "over-drive".  The "human" kind works as advertised
(been using it and other herbal home-remedies for years 'cause I'm too
chicken to get a flu shot), I imagine the horse kind will work the same
though I haven't tried it on Wildfire.  He gets quarterly EHV/1&4 (rhino)
and influenza vaccines instead.

"... and God sought to bestow upon man a supreme mark of his blessing, God
created the horse.  The horse could run faster than the deer, jump higher
than the goat, and endure longer than the wolf.  Man, being encompassed by
elements that sought to destroy him, would have been a slave, had the horse
not made him king."

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Subject: Horses and colds

Jeffers catalog has Echinacia syrup a month  supply for around 13 bucks.  I
haven't tryed it yet so I don't know how it works.  But if its designed for
horses it would be the right dose for their size.  The human version is
Jeffers #1-800-JEFFERS. Good luck!

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