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STOLEN HORSE!!!! Pennsylvania

HELP!  A friend of mine has just had his horse stolen in Sullivan County PA
(Forksville area).  Hank, a
16.2 hand Thoroughbred/Quarter horse cross, was stolen around 8am on Route
87 in Forksville, PA
where they were visiting for Christmas.  Hank is chestnut with two white
hind stockings,
irregular white facial markings, and a LARGE brand on his left flank that
looks like a T6 or TB (very obvious).
He also has two minor cuts (skin scrapped off) over his right eye and
center of his nose
that just happened a day ago.  Hank also has bar shoes on the front.  Hank
had on a
maroon halter.  There is a reward offered.

Dave, Hank's owner, is devastated and ANY information that could help would
be greatly appreciated.
Dave has notified the local auction houses and asks others to keep their
eyes open.  If anyone has any
information, please contact the State Police in Dushore PA, or call one of
the following people:
Dave Russell  - (717) 691-1753,   Dan Jackson (717) 924-3931, or Eva
Grieger (717) 924-4683.

Please forward on to any other lists that may be appropriate.


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