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Re: Leasing mares

Hi Dawna!  Since I've done exactly what you are contemplating, just thought
I'd give you my experience.  What I did was lease a mare (that meant paying
her feed bills, vet bills, farrier, for the term of her pregnancy plus the
nursing period of the foal).  It was a great experience, I imprint trained the
foal at birth.  I also found that "buying" a horse this way costs probably
triple what it would cost to buy one as a yearling or even a three year old
ready to start.  My filly (darn, wanted a colt) was not endurance horse
material (really big muscle, not very energetic).  So I sold her and she is
doing great as a (get this)  a team penner.  The long and short of my
experience is that although the breeding experience is fun, just buy one who
you can already see has the traits you want you'll spend less and have a
better chance of getting exactly what you want.  If you decide to lease a mare
anyway, best wishes and hope you get the horse of your dreams!


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