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gaited horse question

We have had one of our mares for five years (Silky) and I can get the
running walk when I ask or if she feels like it. Our other mare Lucy, only
does it when in a hurry, we have had her since August and are still getting
to know each other. On Silk I collect her and lean back a little and she
goes in, Lucy seems to have 2 speeds walk and warp speed!. We know just a
little about our TWH's, are we doing it right?. I feel like I'm learning to
walk and chew gum all other again!. What gait do you use the most on your

Susan G.
and the TWH mares!, Silky, and Lucy
Beavercreek,Oregon, U.S.A.
   A canter is a cure for every evil.
    Benjamin Disraeli

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