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on the subject of shoes

I would like to get your opinion on when and whether to shoe my horse.  He is
going sound and has since I pulled his shoes (or rather he pulled them,
couldn't keep them on) 4 months ago. He has low heels and grows alot of toe
inbetween trims, but this doesn't seem to bother him and he steps right out on
the trail.  We are in Fla. so the terrain is mostly sandy, soft footing.  And
we have only done 2 25s so far,but I hate to try him back in shoes with his
thin hoofwall and tendency to lose shoes (2 days after reset, last time).  Is
there any harm to his feet if we just keep him barefoot, I mean, I'd hate to
wait for him to be lame to make this decision.  How do you tell?  He is young,
5 and a thoroghbred (typical bad feet) and a happy camper, so I/d appreciate
any thoughts on the subject as his happiness is very important.
Thanks everything, I always learn alot here.
Happy Holidays
Paula and Cosmo the wonder horse

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