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Oh yes Angie

I know this movie. It is wonderful. What is it about Candice Bergen in these
films? Of course Sean Connery is not really believeable as an Arab Sheik
when clearly he has a Scottish accent from Edinburgh! but he plays a good
game of chess. 


>From: (Angela C. McGhee)
>Subject: SADDR RX
>Date: Tue, Dec 22, 1998, 5:38 pm

>O.K. for those of you who are snowed out of riding...My husband rented a
>pretty good movie for Arab riders last night.
>It was called "The Wind and the Lion".  It was about a true story in 1904
>when a Berber Chieftain kidnapped an American woman and her children and
>Teddy Roosevelt sent the Marines to Morocco.  Stars Sean Connery, Candice
>Bergen and Brian Keith. 
>LOTS of distance type horses galloping around with fellows in turbans. 
>For some reason, every time someone shoots a rider with a pistol, the
>horse immediately does a face plant / flip.  But they were still
>interesting to watch.
>I believe it was filmed on location in Spain.  Would that make these
>horses Barbs?  Their heads were a little plain, and they didn't quite
>have the hindquarters our horses have, but nice.  Donna Snyder Smith
>would have a fit over the high heads and hollow backs.
>My daughters were amazed at the sight of 100 Desert horses charging, and
>continuing on through cannon fire.  I have a feeling they just couldn't
>get the darned things stopped.
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