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Fwd: winter

well, okay here goes...for all of those who watch the Rose PArade and think,
"gee, it would be NICe to live in sunny southern California", stay home1 It
was 19 degrees on our patio when I fed at 615am! right now it is a whopping 26

Our horses are rugged up and the water lines were shut off last night. While
this may NOT compare to say, Minnesota (where my mom is form) or Montana
(where some close friends live), anything under about 32 is academic - just
plain COOLLLDDD!!!

So a word to the wise - between El Nino, La Nina, freezing temps and
wildfires, the Land of Shake and Bake has its own seasons to be sure! ...and
all this just in time for Christmas! And a Merry, merry Christmas to all!

---- Begin included message ----
Hi Everybody,

Here in the SW corner of Missouri it is 8 degrees, good day to stay in and
clean tack.

Have a Merry Christmas,
Genie Wunderlich

---- End included message ----

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