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horse & saddle for sale SE

Wildwood Georgia (Outskirts of Chattanooga, TN)

 A friend would like for me to post her horse and saddle, I'll put it in
the classifieds, but wanted the SE riders to notice:

Ortho-Flex Stitchdown.  14" Black, 2" biothane leathers with infinately
adjustable buckles, e-z ride stirrups, wool saddle cover, wool booties,
and a set of trail booties. Extra stirrups & 1" leathers that came with
it.  $1,100

Arab Gelding:  Southern Rock.  9 yrs old. Grey, 14.3  purebred, size 1
hoof, 500 miles of 50's. Mannerly, easy to ride & camp with.

Faith bought this horse a few years ago from David Bennett.  When he was
Dave's backup horse I did two 50's on him, then Dave did a 50...all 7 hrs
or so.  Faith bought him and he showed some real speed...had several top
5 finishes at fast races looking great.  He had a large old splint on a
foreleg that started to be aggrivated and she had surgery on him to
correct the problem.  I think she sort of lost interest in endurance when
bringing him back slowly.  She did 3 medium paced 50's on him after the
surgery...the last was April 98.  She wants $3,000 

Her phone number is: Faith Clark  706  820-1522
you can e-mail questions to me and I'll forward them:

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