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Re Weather and running with horses.

Hi to all,
The weather here in South Africa has definately lost its marbles!!!!We die
of the heat in the morning and then it never stops rainning even my horses
are confused(they hate the rain)Today is overcast but HOTgonna rain again
later,its playing havoc with our trainning for our first ride in January.I
will say say though that everything is looking lush and green and
beautifull,my garden is now a jungle (the lawnmower broke)so now have horses
in the garden which is normal for me.
Had some fun yesterday evening,:-) how to get fit quickly run with your
horses,up and down hills.Wanted to get my Arabs to one of my Appaloosa
stallions,huh what a joke,me running after these wild horses,one would
listen the others just gave me a right royal run around.Eventually I put the
stallion into there camp hoping he would herd them through the gate for
me.Not a chance ,he ignored the mares went pelting down hill hell for
leather in the opposite direction,with me hot in pursuit on foot,he decided
to say hello to my two endurance horses in a paddock below the house.Daft
animal!Chased him off eventually whipped my tshirt off put in round his neck
and took him,am sure Rob was watching my antics from the house with the
binoculars and roaring with laughter at his cuckoo wife!Topless wonder ! I
eventually gave up and still topless dragged poor Warparth back to his camp
with my Tshirt.Shut the gate and put my now grubby Tshirt back on a ran
home.Am sure even my horses were having a good laugh at there mother.
Got home Rob just grinned at me,some unexected guests had also arrived Boy
was I embarrest,all hiding there grins away from a very  hot and bothered
Ok enough from me.
Kathy *keeping fit and all*

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