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Re: WEC horse discussion

> The start list of the WEC shows starting horses of On a High, Rumson,
> and Fadjurs.  Jur Priz was not there if the listing is correct.
> On a High finished at 26th and Rumson at 38th for the Brazilian team.
> Fadjurs did not finish and is the subject of the discussion on ridecamp.
> At Tevis - Jur Priz did indeed have a serious problem and was pulled
> at Dusty Corners.  I believe he is the horse Susan is discussing as
> being treated at UC Davis.
> Susan - can you confirm this?

All that I heard was that it was Dominique's horse, and the same as was
at Tevis, so the name Jur Prize I got from checking Tevis records and my
own notes from Tevis---but I personally did not see a horse being loaded
at LAX referred to specifically as Jur Prize (not that I was asking for
every horse's name and since the Brazilians arrived fairly late for one
reason or another, they were processed and loaded up pretty quickly.  I
would be very glad to hear that it was a different horse at WEC.

> Fadjurs was also pulled at Robinson.  I do not believe he is the
> horse Susan mentioned above.
> On that basis - I don't think the conclusion above applies.

I 'm relieved to hear that, as that would certainly be even more of a

 But both
> horses are from Dom's group.  And it is indeed tragic when a horse
> dies as a result of our competition. At least one horse died as well
> from the 1996 WEC.
> They give us everything in competing.  It is very sad when something
> like this happens.  I wish there were some way to avoid it.

Me too (as do we all).  I thought I should reply to this particular
post, but out of deference to Steph's request we not discuss this, I'm
going to leave it alone now.  It was a terrible tragedy, it happened,
hopefully it was pretty much unforeseeable/unavoidable, and I apologize
if the conclusion that it was Jur Prize at WEC was incorrect.

See ya, Mike!:-)

Susan G

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