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Re: high heart rate

Hi: I and others that I have ridden with over the years have experienced
similar heart rates during our training rides.
Good training will produce excellent results.
We have usually trained in the heat of the days on and about the Western
States Trail near Greewood/Cool>CA. Steven
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Subject: re: high heart rate

>Bill, I had to laugh when I read your numbers for a high heart rate.
>Especially when i read the next post to you.
>If my horse went along at 70bpm I would be thrilled.  He is an excellent
>endurance horse who top tens 100s and is extremely fit. His hr at the trot
>is usually 135 - 165 which is aerobic for him. I have seen my hr monitor
>hit 232 when he is galloping a long uphill at a hand gallop.
>The first time I saw him go above 210 I was so worried I took him to Davis
>for an echocardiograph and tests. They said he was super fit and most
>had a big heart with lots of pumping capacity. A real athlete.
>I specifically asked if he would hurt himself by galloping uphill at that
>rate (not being urged on by me, but in fact pulling at the bit) and they
>said not to worry, he was not dumb enough to kill himself. (really!)
>By the way, I have many times clocked him at 220 plus galloping uphill on a
>hot day, only to drop to 60 bpm within 5 minutes at the top with no
>cooling water whatsoever.  I wouldn't be discouraged with your horse at

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