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Feeding our future endurance babies

I would like to thank all who wrote to me on my baby's bloodlines!  There 
were so many posts and with all the xmas shopping I haven't been online 
much!  But thanks tons!  She is coming along nicely, is very easy to train, 
we have halter training down pretty well now.

My big question is since I haven't had a yearling in a century, what is a 
balanced feeding program for a future endurance baby ?  I've noticed a few 
articles on feeding too much protein and over growth type stuff, but I am 
really sort of dense when it comes to feeding babies.  I was thinking that 
if I fed the barley corn mix with the special mineral mix for this area I 
should be o.k.? For hay I feed free choice bermuda and alfalfa in a 
controlled feeding, this comes out being a 50/50 mix.  So if I am feeding a 
balanced diet do I have to supplement vitamins with a baby horse?  I try to 
keep it simple.  Also I do recall that the calcium/phosphorus is very 
critical in growing babies.  So group fill me in on your yearling feeding 

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