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One More Time.........


You're still missing my whole point!(And as it happens, I DO teach
children both academics and manners. but that"s NOT what I'm referring
to!  I don't think that reading novels will help either!)

I also wouldn't dream of presuming what a "civilized person"(what-ever
THAT is) should act like, butI'm sure  they have a culture as comoplex
(or more so) than ours.   At NO time would I dream of calling them
"infants"--how insulting does THAT sound?(and also I would never
underestimate them that way).

One more attempt:

What I am  addressing is  that an International Event usually tries  to
accomodate all the participants  and so if this can't be done(And
YES--I'm well aware"money talks")
perhaps we should look elsewhere nixzt time.  MY OPINION--right or

(At this time if it were me, I'd be looking for a FAST way home for
myself and my horse before all hell breaks loose!!)

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