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RE:paper of interest

	I'm willing to "focus on Point 3" if you are willing to educate me on what 
it means.  As a new HRM user, I'd like to learn more about the significance 
of the readings and be able to use it intelligently.  Thanks for any help 
you can offer.

Best wishes,
Vickie Smith
Lincoln, Vermont

Date: Mon, 14 Dec 1998 23:15:05 EST
Subject: Paper of interest

Here's something I came across today--a paper concerning heartrate 
in endurance athletes. I'm quoting just a small section. Focus on Point 3.


Authors	ML Otoole, PS Douglas, WDB Hiller
Title	Use of Heart-Rate Monitors by Endurance Athletes - Lessons from
Full source	Journal of Sports Medicine and Physical Fitness, 1998, Vol 38, 
3, pp 181-187

"The main findings pertinent to the use of heart rate monitors are 1)
estimated maximal heart rates are too variable to be of use to precisely 
training pace during cycling or running, 2) during prolonged (>6 h) cycling 
running, a highly trained athlete may expect to exercise at an average
intensity close  to 80% HRmax, but should also expect intensity to decline 
6-7% during the cycle ride or run, and 3) submaximal exercise heart rates
following prolonged exercise are not useful for judging completeness of


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