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Re: Awards Ceremony

>Actually she should have held her check up in one hand and flipped 
>the bird with the other, with a smile from ear to ear.

My goodness Truman, I come home from CHURCH and check my e-mail and find
this!  No, I don't flip birds...and as far as in Georgia
and have never  bought a lottery ticket (but I have bet at the
track...forgive me Lord).  I'm afraid Carl and I could never bet each
other...who'd hold the money?

Actually, my first draft of that post said "I'd wish I had the nerve to
moon them"  but then I realized...that's definitely not something I'd
wish I could do...but I thought it would have gone like this: 
Smile...flex muscle, dangle check from left hand, turn and shake my
fanny.  Then turn back and make a kissing motion.  How's that?  I might
even announce that I planned to tithe 10% to Baptist foreign missions. 


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