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> carl meyer wrote:
>  Where is the
> confidence factor in our organization when only one person out of 3-4
> thousand would take the bet.I can't believe this . It seems that we more
> endurance experts than we have endurance experts that are confident in
> their handicapping  ability to judge horseflesh in terms of racing.
> ***** wrote:
> confidence has little to do with it:
> Perhaps others on Ridecamp feel that betting and gambling are immoral and UNGODLY and wish to refrain from it and not be party to such sins.

In my case, confidence and support for our team had EVERYTHING to do
with it, although I've I'd known I was going to burn in hell over it, I
might've asked Carl for better than 10 to 1 odds.<g>

OK, I'm ducking.  Let the flames begin.

Susan Garlinghouse

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