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Re: Awards Ceremony

They may have been good about reporting, but the fact remains that they 
booed her. Not only is this very rude but can you imagine how that made 
Val feel. Put yourself in her place. If I had work very hard to 
accomplish something and at 52 years of age had accomplished something 
as great as a gold metal and then at an awards ceremony you were booed 
and hissed it would be very disheartening. Maybe you are all better 
women then me, but if that had happened to me, I would be somewhat 
upset. Too bad we can't put on an Awards Ceremony here and let the whole 
USA team and individuals know all of once just how very proud that we 
are of them for bring home the individual gold and the team silver. Now 
that would be deafening! 
Yes they booed her,but in a man's world and specially in the Mid East 
she is lucky that they let her ride in the first place. Don't you know 
you as a women have to work twice as hard as many man :-). Don't expect 
anyone to tell you that you did a good job and for sure I know Val must 
of had mixed emotions. To do this great thing and have people hiss at 
you would be a great disappointment. If not very frighting on top of it. 
As for an Awards Ceremony here, that sounds great. But considering that 
the news didn't even really say anything about it, it's not likely. I 
can only say that when I'm 52 I hope to be still going riding, and to be 
doing endurance riding. Well my hat is off to Val for a great job. When 
I grow up I want to be like her.
Julie (I'm going riding as it's supposed to nice here today too)

Julie A. O'Neill
214 E. State St.
Mascoutah, Ill. 62258
I love riding my horse!

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