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Re: Redwood Emp letter to AERC

On Sat, 28 Nov 1998 20:18:39 -0800, Lauren Horn <>

>I just don't know why the non-member fee can't be re-worded to say:

>$80. entry fee for 50 mile ride
>$65. entry fee for 25 mile ride


Calling it a discount rather than a surcharge was discussed by the BoD
when the non-member fees were first introduced.  It is just a semantic
trick, the effect -- and the cost -- is exactly the same either way.
As the total entry fee goes up, the number of entries goes down.  At
the short rides where many riders are less committed the number of
entries can go down quite rapidly with increasing fees.  The net
effect is to reduce the number of paid entries to the ride, while the
fixed expenses remain the same.  For smaller rides this either moves a
ride from "in the black" to "in the red" or drives it deeper in the
red.  If the ride manager can't afford to subsidize the loss the ride

Pricing ourselves out of the market at the entry level, where we get
our new riders, is IMO terribly short-sighted.


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