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WEC Team Info

Hi Gang.
Thought since there was no other comments about our team in Dubai. I
would let you know they are doing just great.
I was talking with Emmett Ross, last Tues.
They are all there and in great shape, doing work-outs in a group.. all
have been out a few times.. and i assume many more since last Tues.

He reports they are very well, the horses made the trip in super
The riders are getting to know each other and just keeping the horses
working a bit each day..
Seems our 'team' is coming along quite well.

I shipped over a case full of HRM's-- sure hope they all sell..need to
make a profit to pay for this trip..

Getting close, really wired for this one..
I have 'stuff' piled up all over the place.
Hope I don't forget something important..
WIll take lots of pictures and will try for some video.

Roger R

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