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Re: Racing horses and making money....

In a message dated 11/26/98 7:31:53 PM Pacific Standard Time,

<< I was so angered by this post I felt I had to respond.  This is an
 Endurance riders listserve.  I am totally opposed to horse racing and to
 exploiting ANY animal for a dollar.  If I wanted to hear about horse
 abuse, I would have joined a horse-racing listserve.   This thread is
 not appropriate to Ridecamp.  

I brought up the subject of a racehorse because there are some knowledgable
people here who might have some useful input in solving a horse's problem.
Aggressive, sanctimonious self-righteousness seems an odd response to that
thread. I, in contrast, found it quite useful and I am certain to try some of
these ideas in order to ease the problems this animal is having. 

You are certainly welcome to your opinion, or your posture, whichever it is,
but some of us will reserve the right to disagree with your peculiar religion.



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