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Re: T3, stall runner

What does a serial blood draw show?

Here's the human way of doing it...

Radioactive iodine => accumulates at the thyroid and radiates it.

Anti thyroid drugs = Propylthiouracil and methimazole (Tapazole).
Alergic reactions from itchy skin to arthritis.


In humans hyperthyroid folk often become hypothyroid later even
without treatment. Being hyperthyroid is often part of some other
disorder in humans.

I'll have to check with my wife but I think the radioiodine method is
the safest and most commonly used one. The drawback is that all the
methods take time to be effective 4 weeks to half a year.

As for stall walking, I can only think that if you have a large turn
out area that this horse will benefit tremendously from it. It's the
only way I've seen confirmed stall walkers relax. wrote:
> By the way--have an interesting problem some of you may have an
answer for.
> TB racehorse in training. Runs around his stall all day long. Shows
a T3 over
> 100 (last reading 128). Can't maintain weight and is
catabolic--despite eating
> everything put before him--and we put a lot before him (don't want
to cause a
> lot of heart attacks by saying how many pounds of grain he consumes).
> Is this hyperthyroidism? If so, what do you do about it?
> ti 

Nicco Murphy - Poway, San Diego, CA

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