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---- Begin included message ----
Thanks for your interest! feel free to share it with other riders and
drivers.  Thanks!
Beth Clarke

 Equestrian Land Conservation Resource
Open Space Access Survey

Please feel free to check multiple answers where applicable.

1) Please indicate the town or county and state in which you reside:

2) Please indicate your age group:
____under 18   ____18-25   ____26-40    ____41 or over & working

3) Do you own an equine ? ___  yes  ___ no.    Do you regularly participate
in equestrian activities ___yes  ___no
    If so, in what disciplines or equestrian events do you regularly

4) Please list the equestrian related organizations of which you are a

5) How often do you ride or drive equines outside of an enclosed arena?
    ___ not regularly   ___ once or twice/week  ___ more than twice/week
I would ride in the open more if   ____there were more spaces available
____ there was easier access   ____there was safer access   ____I didn't
have to trailer to get to open space    ____my trainer or parents would let
me    ____ I had a riding companion more easily available   ____I had more
time.     ______I don't want to ride more in the open.

6) What are your major time commitments other than horses:
______family    ______horse related job    ______ non-horse related job
______school   ______other sports/hobbies
______community  service   ______other (please indicate)

7) The types of riding spaces I use are: ___enclosed arena  ____trails
and/or open fields  ___cross country courses or obstacle courses  ____race
tracks.  For the most part the land I ride on is:  ___publicly owned ___
privately owned.
If I am riding on private land owned by another, I first seek permission
___always   ____if convenient   ___only if the owner approaches me.

8) The longest ride currently available to me is ______miles or _____ hours
long.  There ___are  ___are not significant trails or open spaces available
for equestrian use within 45 minutes of my home.   ___There is open space in
my area  where equestrians are allowed but it is unsuitable for equestrian
use because:

9) Equestrians in my area are _____unaware of  _____not very active in
_____very active in decisions affecting local land use by equestrians.

10) In the past five years, I have experienced or caused the closure of
land for equestrian activities: ___ by development  ____ by change of
ownership   ____ due to concern over liability risk  ____ due to lack of
adequate maintenance   ____ due to damage caused by equestrian users    ____
due to damage caused by non-equestrian users  ____ other?  The land ____was
____was not also closed to non-equestrian users.

11) The amount of equestrian activity in my local area has ____diminished
over the past five years; ___ stayed constant; ____ increased.  How has it
changed in nature over that time?

12) My community is facing significant potential loss of access to open
space ___for equestrian activities  ___for non-equestrian activities   ___is
not facing any loss of open space access. The three biggest threats to
equestrian activity in my area over the next 20 years are:

13)  I think the best way to preserve and/or create equestrian use of and
access to open space in  my area is:

14) On a scale of 1 to 10, if 10 represents a process significantly geared
toward preserving open space access and quality of life issues and 0
represents a process geared toward maximum density development, the planning
and zoning process affecting the places I live and ride rates a ______.

15) There ___is  ___ is not an active group concerned with the conservation
of open space in my area.  It  ___does ___does not adequately represent the
needs and interests of area equestrians.  If there are non-equestrian groups
actively working to preserve open  space in your area, what are their main
motivating activities?  ____naturalists (bird watchers, trackers, etc.)
____ecologists  ____other sports (biking, hiking, etc.) ____hunting
Do you consider their activities compatible with equestrian use?  ___all
___some  ___none
Do they consider equestrian use compatible with their goals? ___yes ___no
___don't know

16) I  ___am  ___ am not familiar with efforts toward the conservation of
open space and preservation of access for equestrian activities in my area.
They ____ have  ___ have not  been successful.  I  ___have   ___ have not
personally participated in such efforts.   If there were a campaign to
preserve open space and access to it  for equestrians in my area in the
future I would  ____be willing to lead it   ____be willing to participate if
someone else got it started   ____trust that someone else would take care of

17) I ___do   ___ do not think it is useful to unite different equestrian
disciplines to work toward preserving open space for equestrian use.  I
___do  ___do not think it would be helpful to have a national organization
dedicated to providing assistance in open space preservation efforts.

18)  List the three most useful things you think the ELCR can do to help
preserve open space access for equestrian activities, or to help those who
are facing loss of access?

Thank you very much for contributing to the ELCR open space access survey.
Please mail your completed survey to:       ELCR Survey
c/o Allow Me
    P.O. Box 3
Severna Park, MD 21146

Or e-mail to

  If you would like more information about the ELCR, please feel free to
contact us at::
Equestrian Land Conservation Resource
The Conservation Fund
1800 North Kent St., Suite 1120
Arlington, VA 22209-2156
fax: 703/525-4610

Please tell us your story.  If you have personally participated in an open
space or access preservation effort, ELCR invites you to describe in your
own words on additional sheets what took place in your area, what worked and
what didn't, what creative solutions were developed in the process, what
resources were the most helpful, what resources were needed to be more
successful that were not available, whether you would be involved in such an
effort again, and why or why not.

If you don't mind us contacting you for further information which might be
helpful to conservation and access preservation efforts in other areas, or
if you would like to be on the ELCR mailing list. Please provide your
contact information  (US mail & e-mail) below.

---- End included message ----

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