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Re: problem with bit(long)

I had similar problems with my mare when I started riding her - she had been mistreated and it took a while (~2 years). She wouldn't let anyone touch her head, ears, and muzzle - especially her muzzle! I think she's been twitched while being mistreated... Anyway, I found that she accepted a solid bit much easier than the snaffle. I hated riding in a stiff bit, but now she will accept the tom thumb too. I had her teeth floated, and that helped a little bit, but mostly it took patience, patience, patience, and LOVE! :-)
Good luck!
Stephanie McCray, Vic, Rose, and Nora
Golden, CO
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Date: Saturday, October 31, 1998 10:11 AM
Subject: problem with bit(long)

Hi All
I've been reading this list for a few weeks now and this is great information
for someone like me that just got back into endurance after about 20 years.
This has been my dream to endurance ride again. So late spring I found a
wonderful Arab mare to buy six years old. The only big problem i've had with
her is she hates getting  the bit in her mouth. I'm riding her with a
kimberwick and I have a really hard time getting it in her mouth. I changed to
a nylon bridle because she was also afraid of the leather bridle. This did
help and plus I put molasses on the bit.  I ride four times aweek. I take my
time and try to make it a good experience, but it isn't getting any better.
I'm 5'2 and she is 15'1 so when she puts her head up I get the bit out of
place. I know she has had a bad experience but I can't seem to get her over
this. When I first got her she would not let you touch her left ear, but now
she's fine. I also ride with a snaffle and have the same problem.
We went to two rides this summer first one was a 15 mile just to see how she
would be with all the horses and camping out. We took our time and had a great
time plus I had someone to ride with. Next ride was a 25 and I planned to let
all the front horses go and we would just take our time. I'm still at my
trailer getting ready which i camped away from everyone one for this reason,
but found out the ride started right pass my camp. So I had 40 horses running
by us and had not got the bit in.(I did ask myself why am I doing this)  Now I
can laugh about it. Anyway we had a great ride and we rode the last 12 miles
alone plus had to cross two rivers and she did great.  We got all A's. She
really is a wonderful mare. I need to get her over this. Would anyone have any
help with a problem like this???
Is this something she may not get over????
Marsha (Meia 6 years)
            ( Danny 19 years)
            (Tiff 23 years)
Love all my girls

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