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RE: ridecamp-d Digest V98 #877

This comment is taken entirely out of context!  (sorry if it gives anyone 
heartburn.........)  I wholeheartedly agree!  I have not posted to ridecamp 
lately or any of the other lists that I belong to.  I have barely been 
accessible to my friends.  I had eye surgery the day after I returned from 
the Symposium in Clemson.  It did occur to me that I could loose my sight. 
 One of the most devastating effects would be that it would greatly curtail 
my riding time!  (I told my hubby that if anything went badly, I do have 2 
horses conditioned at this point and he better be ready to ride with me!) 
  So, I have been riding-ALOT lately.  I will be writing more (computer and 
elsewhere) when the glorious fall weather turns white with snow and the 
deer hunters are out in full force.  I feel really good lately.  So next 
time life gets too serious, go saddle up!

Best wishes to all,
Vickie Smith
Lincoln, Vermont

 Get a clue, life is too
short, hang up the computer and get out and ride instead of talking about
it all the time.  Quit talking and start doing, maybe then you'd all be a
lot less stressed!!!!

                                  Cheryl Newbanks
~~~           ~~ ^ ^        SW Region
~~~\      _ ~~/ /\ /        Buckeye, AZ
       (   ) __    ) ' '
       //          \\
      //            \\
    **              **

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