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Clemson University Trails Symposium

The complete report of the Trails Symposium is supposed to be posted on the

I haven't looked yet.    Teddy

connie B Berto wrote:

> I am personally SO relieved to hear that the symposium was such a
> success.  Tell me, did you hear any feedback, was there any surprise
> among the agency people that horsepeople responded so well and flocked to
> the symposium?
>     I've already asked Betsey this -- but was there any downside?
> Sometimes, on occasion,  you learn more from other people's horror
> stories, than from successes.
>     I am DYING to read a synopsis of the various lectures, etc. -- Teddy,
> if you or anyone gets this promised report from  Glen Wood, could you
> please forward a copy to me, at 70 Crane Drive, San Anselmo CA  94960.
> I'll reimburse you for any out-of-pocket expenses.
>     Also -- could I BEG one of you to write a report for the Endurance
> News?   It would go in the "Trail Talk"  section.  Please?    Cheers
> (;-),  Connie B.
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