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Biotin Plus by Paragon with or without Yucca????

I have been giving my two young gelding Biotin Plus Equine Formula by
Paragon which I get from KV Vet Supply.  The ingredients mention Yucca,
which is a plant and which I believe is not supposed to be in your horse's
system during an endurance competition.  My guys are not even 4 yet so they
are just 'pre limited distance and then on to endurance someday' kind of
guys  :)  Do I understand correctly that there is a Biotin Plus by Paragon
that does not have Yucca in it?  And is the Yucca that is in the Biotin
Plus, that my guys are getting now, a drug?  I know that I got the idea to
use Biotin Plus from this list.....when do I stop giving it to my horse if
he shouldn't have it to compete or what product (specific brand name) do I
use instead? I am in no way trying to get 'ahead' of another ride entrant by
feeding my guys a certain way....what I am trying to do is plan their
nutrition, health care, and whatever I do to them, in such a way as to keep
them healthy.
Thanks, Marilyn and Khal and Scout in San Angelo, TX

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